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Is a 3D printed drone as efficient as a traditional drone?

Drones and 3D printing are a perfect match! The benefits of drones are more and more attracting for numerous sectors, as it allows to go to areas which are inaccessible for humans. The problem is that a traditional drone can be very expensive if you want a high-quality device. Moreover, it may occur that the quadcopter that you chose isn’t totally adapted to your project and doesn’t have all the features you need. Or on the contrary, the drone can have too many features and you will not use all of them.

The 3D printing industry allows to create your own drone, it’s the perfect way to get a drone customized to fit your needs. It’s is cheaper and the product development process is faster with the additive manufacturing technology. It is possible to create really lightweight drones, little or bigger ones, and even faster ones. 3D printing appears to be a smart choice to develop a drone project.

And if you’re not planning to use 3D printing to manufacture your drone, at least, it is possible to use 3D printing for your prototyping phase.

Now, let’s see in our top the best projects developed with 3D printed drones!