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3D Printing and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Many IoT innovations start from proof of concept (POC). This step is needed to execute a prototype which will be very professional and accurate but also cheap and fast to manufacture. These requirements, which many consider to be expensive, are important in order to test our needs and implement the test results at the next stage. As you have probably already understood, using 3D printing can reduce marketing time. Integration of 3D printing in IoT product development is almost vital in order to achieve progress. Moreover, it’s not so expensive compared to traditional manufacturing.

The use of digital manufacturing assists us in turning the digital model into reality. 3D printing enables us to design limitless complex geometries. We can fabricate prototypes and short series productions. These advantages enable us to create many solutions in Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Consumer, and many other products. Printed circuit boards in complex geometry packed with specific aerodynamic mechanical packages will become commonplace and will be used for developing unique sensors for extreme needs.

These facts show that the ability to execute ideas is easy and will become easier in the near future. Formulate your ideas and innovation notebooks. Soon you will be able to print your idea and move forward.