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How 3D Printing Is Disrupting the Packaging

IndustryRevolutionizing Packaging Machinery

3D printing will also impact packaging machinery manufacturers. For example, 3D printing can be used for printing robotic arms used in production. Additionally, the parts will be lighter than more traditional ones, and at the same time be more powerful with the right choice of material and printing method.

Making spare parts for machinery will be revolutionized as well, by making them on the spot, instead of being supplied all around the globe. Instead of shipping replacement parts, companies will be selling the packaging machine together with a software package for the end user to 3D print out any spare part needed on site at their manufacturing plant.

Custom and Personalized Packaging

With the current and future trend of making everything more custom-made like personalized medicine for example), it is not surprising that manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing will be of high importance. The technique allows customers to design and make their own highly customized packages on request. Individual packaging designs can be manufactured specifically in accordance with customer wishes and various design prototypes can be produced running efficiently.

The trend of personalized packaging is particularly relevant for the food and beverage industry, where personalized gifts such as cakes and drinks are valued.