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Stereolithography (SLA) utilizes a vat of liquid photopolymer resin cured by an Ultra Violet (UV) laser to solidify the pattern layer by layer to create a solid 3D model from customer supplied 3D data. The SLA process addresses the widest range of rapid manufacturing applications.

  • Highest accuracy and smoothest surface finish of all 3D printed parts
  • Large material selection – rigid, durable, clear and high-temp
  • Wide variety of post processing options
  • Prototypes for form and fit testing
  • Presentation models for displays and tradeshow models
  • Short lead times
  • High resolution settings
  • Large build platforms available


The SLA process’ high accuracy, large variety of material selections, smooth surface finish, and wide variety of post processing options make it the perfect choice for a wide range of rapid manufacturing applications.

Rapid Prototypes:

•  Design Appearance Models
•  Proof of Concept Prototypes
•  Design Evaluation Models (Form & Fit)
•  Engineering Proving Models (Design Verification)
•  Wind-Tunnel Test Models

Tooling and Patterns:

•  Investment Casting Patterns
• Jigs and Fixtures
• Cast Urethane Master Patterns
Custom industry applications such as healthcare with biocompatible materials for surgical tools, dental appliances, hearing aids.