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SLS(Selective Laser Sintering)

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Selective Laser Sintering

Perfect for functional testing, rapid prototyping, high-heat and chemically resistant applications.

SLS uses a high-powered C02 laser to fuse small particles of powdered material to create 3 dimensional parts.  The laser selectively fuses powdered material by scanning X&Y cross-sections on the surface of a powder bed.  The model is built one layer at a time from supplied 3D CAD data. SLS is capable of producing highly durable parts for real-world testing.

  • Produce highly complex geometries
  • Durable, high-heat and chemically resistant applications
  • Impact-resistant parts for rigorous use
  • Ideal for snap fits and living hinges
  • Low-volume production solutions
  • Major time and cost benefits
  • Large build platforms available

Rapid Manufacturing:

  • Aerospace Hardware
  • UAS – Unmanned Air Systems Hardware
  • UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hardware
  • UUV – Unmanned Underground Vehicle Hardware
  • UGV – Unmanned Ground Vehicle Hardware
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Electronics; Packaging, Connectors
  • Homeland Security
  • Military Hardware

Rapid Prototypes:

  • Functional Proof of Concept Prototypes
  • Design Evaluation Models (Form, Fit & Function)
  • Product Performance & Testing
  • Engineering Design Verification
  • Wind-Tunnel Test Models

Tooling and Patterns:

  • Tooling and Manufacturing Estimating Visual Aid
  • Investment Casting Patterns
  • Jigs and Fixtures